A Hand Up

helping homeless Veterans

What We Do

Pennies for Quarters will provide a caring and stable environment. Those homeless veterans that come to us and wish to be a part of our program will go through a screening process and have to agree to our codes of conduct. All applicants must be able to provide proof of service and must have been either honorably or generally discharged. They must be drug free or be willing to enter into in-patient treatment, agree to monthly drug testing, and understand that the purpose is to help them gain control of any issues they struggle with, find employment and eventually live on their own. We’re here to help put our veterans on the path to wellness while treating them with respect and dignity.

We anticipate veterans living on site for one to two years. With programs being specific to each resident, they will be monitored by a case worker for progress knowing that this is not meant to be permanent free housing. We understand that it will be an adjustment entering a situation like this and we hope to have the right space available for residents to socialize as they wish. Each cluster will have privacy in its back yard area where there will be a picnic table as well. The main building will have a larger shared space for reading, board games, tv, etc. and our vision is to have indoor and/or outdoor opportunities for basic physical health.

Programs that involve internships, job training, etc will be most welcome. Peninsula College has a Veterans Service Office, New Leash on Life provides trained service dogs, and Voices for Veterans has solid knowledge of local resources, as well as WorkSource.  Volunteer work is strongly recommended, and required for those that are able, as a way to give back to the community who is helping us to provide this program for them.

A Tiny Home

Providing privacy, and dignity in no longer being homeless, is one of the first steps in helping improve the lives of those who come to us for help. Designed to be in “clusters” of 4, each home will have its own bath. Hopefully this lets an individual who is used to being on their own to socialize with a few neighbors if they choose to. This is temporary, a hand up – not a hand out.


Central Building

An important part of Pennies For Quarters is this facility. Space for individual or group therapy, AA meetings, etc is integral in getting residents the help they need. A computer room will give them the chance to learn new skills and apply for jobs and get in touch with family and a laundry room and stock room will provide basic needs. On the grounds will also be community gardens which have been shown to be therapeutic and will also allow the residents to save on food costs. The lives these men and women led were very different from what they are experiencing now. We hope to give them back the sense of community and belonging that will help them have a happier and healthier existence.


Some of the struggles that homeless veterans face are drug addiction, alcohol abuse and PTSD among other mental or behavioral issues.

This type of onsite counseling will be in addition to financial counseling, medical and dental assistance and even veterinary services.

Does the veteran have their ID or know about any benefits available to him/her?

P4Q staff will know how to help and the collaboration with existing programs in the county has been, and will be, an important joint effort in ending homelessness for veterans.